A week with eski

A week with eski.

Finishing my last GCSE exam just a few days before the week commenced, I began my long summer holiday with a placement at eski in the C4DI building, and what a week I had!

My work was largely focused around a research project relevant to the company’s current campaign: Got Your Back. A reliable and trusted source of information, Got Your Back hopes to support local young people on a range of health and social issues, that may be overlooked or ignored. By the end of the week, I had developed a detailed blog post about sexting, and the risks it poses to our young people, a podcast about modern relationships, and a brilliant insight into what office-life can look like. I worked steadily and independently throughout the week, whilst still having an active involvement in the more communal projects of the campaign, with constant assurance from the team of the importance of my opinion, and the support they had for my beliefs.

The community within the C4DI building is incredible, and the views to be enjoyed while working are unrivalled.  My week was spent befriending and networking with co-workers in the very social co-working area, though none more so than the eski team. The team have an ethos of inclusivity and positivity, each of them truly invested in their work for the better. I feel very lucky to have shared this positivity with them, even for a short time.

I would highly recommend a placement with eski to anyone. In the future I hope to pursue a career in journalism or law and can say without any doubt that this week has been hugely beneficial towards both of these careers paths. I plan on keeping an active involvement with the company in the future, and know this opportunity will continue to open doors for me in years to come.

So, if you want a work experience that doesn’t involve a week of cup-of-tea-making and boredom, this is the place for you! Enjoy a week working towards bettering our community, like I did, and see what you think.

My thanks to each of you for such a wonderful week!


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