Behind the scenes of Ava’s Story.

We interviewed our Project Manager, Rachel, (who’s also a professional actress!) on her experience working on the new Not in our community film, Ava’s Story.

What is Ava’s Story?
Ava’s Story is the next film in our series for the Not in our community campaign, which aims to help young people spot the signs of grooming and sexual exploitation through social media and co-created content. Ava’s Story demonstrates what coercive control is and how domestic violence within the home can make vulnerable young people more at risk of grooming and sexual exploitation. The film will be supported with reflective sessions in schools and other settings for young people to make them more aware of the signs to look for in their own relationships and those of their peers, today and in the future too.

What was your role in the filming process?
I had two roles within the filming process. One was an acting role in the film itself. I played Ava’s mum who is having a hard time with her new partner who is showing signs of abusive behaviour towards her. I also acted as production assistant/director and offered guidance to other
actors on set.

What was the most challenging part?
Acting the role of a mother was challenging because the subject matter itself needs a specific tone projecting, which can be intense as an actor. However, knowing that this is a piece of media that could genuinely help somebody pulls you through to be able to deliver the character truthfully, and the team offer a lot of support for everyone involved in Not in our community films because of the sensitive subject. Having been an actor previously, it’s been fantastic to work on the production side and it’s a challenge organising so much and making sure the cast are happy. There is a real sense of community when making these films that is a joy to be around.

Why should everyone watch the film?
Ava’s Story shows a new side to grooming and exploitation that we haven’t touched on before in past films. It’s important to watch Ava’s Story to spot any warning signs amongst friends and to better protect yourself too.

When and where can we see Ava’s Story?
You will be able to catch Ava’s story in the New Year on the Not on our community Connect website and Youtube channel.

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