Can’t wait for this to be over

The announcement that the UK was going into social isolation lockdown was cause for concern for a myriad of reasons. One area that concerned eskimosoup (and one that we were developing ideas to support) was the impact lockdown would have on relationships and in particular those experiencing or at risk of domestic abuse.

Having been rather underwhelmed by the governmental communications on this issue, it was incredibly reassuring that we were contacted by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside (OPCC) who wanted to enlist our services to help quickly develop a campaign that reinforced the message that support services are available.

Our internal developments were given greater meaning by working with an established stakeholder network and with a budget to do this properly.

Working with the OPCC, Humberside Police, partners in the four Local Authorities of the Humber, specialist charities and victims we agreed a focus and tone for a campaign. Whilst there were a great many considerations, at its core was a need to speak to existing and new victims in way that demonstrated that services are still active during lockdown, that services want to hear from anyone regardless of their situation and that immediacy is the best action. Stakeholders also recognised the role of emerging bystanders and the needs of specific victim segments.

Today the OPCC has launched the campaign in collaboration with a network of partners.

The lead message is that whilst we long to return to the desirable and social activities we are prohibited from doing during lockdown, and ‘can’t wait for this to be over’, for domestic abuse victims they really can’t wait for this to be over before needing help.

The communications are in support of the Home Office #YouAreNotAlone campaign and has all the help available in the Humber region at

At eskimosoup, we don’t have the skills or resources to produce PPE equipment and ventilators. Nor do we have the infrastructure to deliver food parcels. It is, however, reassuring that we can still be called upon to use our skills for social good. We hope this makes a difference and helps people experiencing abuse during lockdown and beyond.

Thank you to our client and partners for enabling us to be a part of this.

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