Eski is recruiting for a Project Manager

Working closely with clients and Eski’s internal designers, filmmakers, and marketers, the Project Manager will research, create, and implement successful marketing campaigns and media with social impact. This role is being created to increase our general capacity alongside a genuine intention to grow together as we identify and support you in ...

Lucy’s First Month at Eski

Having already met a lot of the team, my expectations of the apprenticeship were already very positive. I couldn’t see how working with such a friendly, hardworking, funny and supportive team could possibly be bad. Now, after having worked at Eski for almost a month, the company has exceeded my ...

Pippa and Alice have been at Eski for 5 years!

This week marks 5 years since Pippa and Alice joined Eski. I am so happy that they have chosen to give us 5 years of great work and during that time they have given me a couple of valuable lessons that I thought were worth sharing. Pippa shows that we should create ...

Words from a Youth Engagement Lead

At the beginning of the year, Eski appointed Kelly Wilson in a new role of Youth Engagement Lead. Kelly’s energy, expertise and experience gives a new dimension to the way we created educational resources and interacted with academies. Working part-time at Eski, along with being a drama teacher, Kelly has grown ...
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