Lucy’s First Month at Eski

Having already met a lot of the team, my expectations of the apprenticeship were already very positive. I couldn’t see how working with such a friendly, hardworking, funny and supportive team could possibly be bad. Now, after having worked at Eski for almost a month, the company has exceeded my ...

Pippa and Alice have been at Eski for 5 years!

This week marks 5 years since Pippa and Alice joined Eski. I am so happy that they have chosen to give us 5 years of great work and during that time they have given me a couple of valuable lessons that I thought were worth sharing. Pippa shows that we should create ...

Words from a Youth Engagement Lead

At the beginning of the year, Eski appointed Kelly Wilson in a new role of Youth Engagement Lead. Kelly’s energy, expertise and experience gives a new dimension to the way we created educational resources and interacted with academies. Working part-time at Eski, along with being a drama teacher, Kelly has grown ...
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