Relaunching the Low Ale Trail

In 2019, Eski developed the Low Ale Trail; a map of bars in Hull’s Old Town who all offer a good range of alcohol-free and low-alcohol drink options. In 2021 after the pandemic, this was expanded to 3 maps of 3 different areas around Hull. In the winter of 2023 ...

Introducing Eski

After 15 years, we’re changing our name. We are often asked, “why are you called eskimosoup?”, and the truth is that it was a quirky and memorable name with no literal meaning. A technique not rare in the creative sector. When it was pointed out to us recently that “eskimo” is a ...

#proudmanager Alert!

A short article from John Gilbert, Managing Director of eskimosoup: We just found out that Jenni Harrison, social media manager in our team has been shortlisted for young digital person of the year at next month’s Hull Digital Awards. If I had Jenni’s social media skills at this point I’d insert some ...

Week of the Woman

In the education and working world today, there are a growing number of opportunities for anyone to walk the paths they aspire to. More generally gender-specific industries are diversifying their workforce because of more interests from unconventional candidates due to non-bias school and college programmes, manufactured opportunities aimed at those ...
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