Diary of a Chimney Kid

As part of an ongoing contract with Hull Public Health, eskimosoup were tasked with researching and developing a resource that would help prevent children and young people from starting to smoke whilst communicating with those that do that they can receive support to quit… when the time is right for them!

After a research phase covering focus groups, surveying, social media interactions and general all-the-wall idea sharing; the concept “Diary of a Chimney Kid” was created. It’s possibly worth mentioning that this was a not the outcome even the most experienced members of our team predicting, thus confirming once again that to get a campaign or resource right that research and co-production are absolutely crucial!

Diary of a Chimney Kid is a new resource for young people and educators where you can find lots of information and advice on smoking – with real stories from real people in Hull.

The website chimneykid.co.uk contains videos and tools suitable for young people at primary, secondary and further levels of education to make an informed decision on smoking. This includes the truth about smoking and the environment, fire safety, the body, the law and advice on how to quit.

The resource is supported by an active Instagram account sharing Monday motivation, Friday facts and diary entries created by people of various ages in Hull who share their thoughts and experiences with smoking. Many of the benefits of being a non-smoker have been encapsulated in a series of humorous short films featuring “Smokey” to represent smoking as a parasitic friend without whom many more positive things could be achieved.

The use of humour in a campaign like this treads a fine line. Our research consistently told us that humour to get points across to children and young people would be effective, BUT the smoker cannot be the butt of the joke. Pun, kind of intended.

The website will be updated throughout 2020 with the creation of lesson plans and quizzes (available in April), as well as additional videos and diary entries added throughout the year.

The website includes a downloadable diary and online form that can be completed for us to publish the thoughts and experiences of young people and adults throughout the city.

We are grateful to Public Health for trusting us with this challenge and to the many schools, colleges, youth clubs and of course children and young people who’ve developed content with us to make this a living, breathing and authentic piece of work!

You can check out a couple of the short films here:

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