Documentary shows the reality of organised criminal exploitation

I am proud to say that Behind Alfie’s Story, a documentary produced primarily for parents, teachers and carers to help highlight the threat of County Lines organised crime has now been launched.

Written and produced by eskimosoup with filming and editing from Storyboard Media, Behind Alfie’s Story was made alongside the final two parts of the film successful series in early 2020 as we saw an opportunity to expand on the themes and incidents we see in the dramatization that has now been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube.

North East Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership commissioned ‘Behind Alfie’s Story’ documentary as an extension to our work on Not in our community on behalf of the Office for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside.

Through Not in our community, we’ve produced a lot of media with and for young people, though this production meets the need from parents in our community to learn more about the methods organised crime groups will use to force children to sell and distribute drugs on their behalf such as threatening family members and serious violence.

One of the striking elements of the documentary is that it features a first-hand description of the life of a young person involved in an organised criminal group following an interview I carried out in a safehouse. Now that he has aspirations to achieve his definition of success outside of the world of organised crime, his messages and experiences are powerful and I hope effective.

The documentary covers some difficult subjects. Everyone who helped make it was very open and willing to share their experiences as they truly bought into the idea that it takes a partnership of professionals and the whole community to stand up something as damaging as County Lines.

You can watch Behind Alfie’s Story here.

Whilst we’re very proud of the documentary and want you see it, please be warned that it contains offensive language and is intended for an adult audience.

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John Gilbert, Managing Director of eskimosoup

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