Evolution of Yorkshire Consent Form

Filming Consent

About the project

Eski (formerly Eskimosoup) and Storyboard Media Ltd are producing a feature-length documentary showing how the characteristics of Yorkshire and Yorkshire-people can lead to triumph and why adaptability has never been more important in a post-Brexit, post-COVID world.

This will be primarily told through the personal stories of contributors supported by additional specialist contributors who will help us look back, consider the present, and look ahead at the opportunities for Yorkshire as a people and a place in the future.

Evolution of Yorkshire (working title)

By signing this document, you are giving your agreement for Storyboard Media Ltd and Eski Media Ltd (the production company) to use your audio, photograph, video footage as part of a documentary film that shows aspects of culture associated with Yorkshire, including individual views, stories, and experiences.

There is no time limit on the consent you are giving for use of this material gathered.

The completed film will be available to view and distributed in a range of ways internationally.

Consent form for film/video, audio & photography with notice of copyright

I consent to the capture of: still images (photographs), moving images (film/video), and audio recordings.

I accept that the subsequent use may be in a number of media, including but not limited to print, digital and electronic use by the production company and/or by agents authorised by the production company.

I hereby grant the production company a licence to use material(s) contributed by me for the film and/or marketing purposes via internet and other broadcast channels including TV, streaming platforms and cinema.

Audio and video data gathered in the production of this film that is not used in the final production or for marketing purposes will be securely stored by the production company up until midnight 30th June 2023 after which it will be removed.

This agreement does not commit the participant to any further interviews or promotional activities relating to the production.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the parties herein hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

In consideration of the production company agreeing that I contribute to and participate in the Project, the nature and the content of which has been fully explained to me, I hereby consent to the filming and recording of my contribution to and participation in the Project.

    I consent to the agreement as stipulated above.

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