Giving a voice to those living the postmasters scandal

We are immensely proud and humbled to have been trusted by Hudgell Solicitors and their clients to tell the story of the human impact of the Horizon Post Office Scandal; the biggest miscarriage of justice the UK has ever seen.

Whether you know the case well or not, we are sure you will agree that Two Decades: The Fight for Justice, is an incredible story and you cannot help but be moved by the injustice of what the postmasters went through whilst maintaining dignity and decency throughout.

Having launched the event at a webinar featuring Dr Neil Hudgell, Karl Turner MP and two of the former sub postmasters at the centre of the story, Jo Hamilton and Tom Hedges, the film has been widely praised for its human qualities with comments including:

“Truly amazing, deserves to be on TV for sure.”
“Exceptional journalism.”
“Makes me feel that it is possible to get justice.”
“Absolutely loved this, so powerful and moving.”
“Beautifully crafted testimony to their dignity & comradeship on an epic, unfinished quest for justice.”
“Stunning. Ace work. Real value in allowing the testimony to breathe.”

We know that our client in this piece of work, Hudgell Solicitors, have been so proud to represent the sub postmasters in their fight. We have seen for ourselves how the postmasters have in turn been hugely positive about the support they have received, which makes us glad that companies like theirs are here to represent individuals harmed by the systems and organisations that are meant to serve us.

Developed with the Hudgells team, alongside Paul Baxter from Arrival PR, and the production team of Pippa Clarkson with Harriet Jones and Iain Thompson from Storyboard Media, it has been a collaborative approach to create something special.

Two Decades is the latest documentary film produced by eskimosoup and Storyboard Media and is an example of us doing what we love; telling stories that matter.

The film is a small part in a much wider campaign. For Hudgells and their clients the fight goes on.

Please watch the film. If you are moved by the story, please share it. Thank you.

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