“How can I not start believing in myself?”

“How can I not start believing in myself?”

Being appointed to develop a programme that is fascinating, challenging, plays to your strengths and that makes a positive impact on people you work with is an honour we have at eskimosoup.

The Hull 2020 Champions was created from two substantial projects we were delivering for NHS Hull CCG. The first was supporting the communications of the Hull 2020 joint commissioning strategy and the second was a qualitative piece of research called a Tale of Two Wards.

Through understanding the details of both pieces of work we were able to align the untapped potential and assets within different communities in Hull to support many of the strategic objectives set by NHS and its partners in areas such as: public health, access to services, raising health aspirations, reducing discrimination and a whole host of other important issues.

Our approach combined marketing communications and crowdsourcing technology with community development in a way that inspired and supported local people outside of the”usual suspects” of community activities. With a blend of coaching and research we assisted local people to understand what was most important to them, what they had to offer and how they can follow their passions to achieve social good.

eskimosoup provided the project management, delivery and communications package to support over 80 community champions over a 20-month period. It became one of the most rewarding projects in our company history; recognised for going above and beyond expectations of service by client and the champions we learned so much about what it takes to inspire and maintain positive behaviour than we could have done from reading books or attending workshops. We lived and breathed the Hull 2020 Champions making us more compassionate and capable of a team. It’s hard to imagine any project that has given us more “wow” moments than this as we supported people to step out of their comfort zones and achieve more benefit for the communities they serve than they previously thought possible.

We were privileged to meet the people we have done, many of whom are now good friends. We are ready and would relish the opportunity to work on such an amazing programme again. It is most certainly good communication at heart; as one community champion put it: “You helped me realise my potential. You believed in me – so how can I not start believing in myself?”

Pretty cool huh?

John Gilbert, Managing Director


The Hull 2020 Champions continues to thrive under the management of NHS Hull CCG. See www.hull2020champions.orgfor further details.

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