How We Develop a Social Marketing Campaign: 3 part series

How We Develop a Social Marketing Campaign: 3 part series

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So, we’ve set our goals, we’ve analysed secondary data and designed and carried out primary research. We’ve created our concept, developed our approach and we’ve powered through the market testing. What next?


This is where we present our final ideas to the client. Depending on what we are presenting we will go about it in different ways. For example, brand names or logos would be presented in various mock-ups, so that the client would be able to see the design in a variety of different situations. Campaign ideas, creative concepts and approaches generally take more explaining so we would set up a phone call or meeting with the client to make sure that they understand the ideas and concepts that we are proposing and ensure they approve before we move forward.

Listening Ears On

As we’ve established by now, we really excel when it comes to listening and getting to the core of the issue. That doesn’t stop at the final development stages. It’s important that we listen to the client and take on board any recommendations or alterations they may have. After everything is finalised we agree on a date for all deliverables to be completed by.

It Doesn’t Stop There

Communication between us and the client carries on as the campaign goes live. How often we report to the client depends on the individual- some projects may require regular calls or meetings with the client to discuss progress, whereas others may require the odd check in. We evaluate our projects every 6-12 months using surveys and questionnaires. We always try to be “on call” for clients and aim to reply to any communications within 24 hours.

Please note, that whilst as this three-part series concludes here, we would as with any social marketing project we plan and deliver the process from scoping > development > implementation > evaluation and follow-up. If appointed, we’d agree the whole package on a case-by-case basis.


Case Study: Seeing it Through


Client: The High Sheriff’s Tribune Trust, Humberside Police, NHS Hull CCG, Hull, East Riding, North and North East Lincolnshire Councils.

Project: Not In Our Community

eskimosoup were appointed by the High Sherriff of the East Riding and NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group to work with a partnership including Crimestoppers, Humberside Police, and the region’s local authorities to work with young people to create and implement a communications campaign that would raise awareness and help protect young people against sexual exploitation.

eskimosoup created concepts which went through a rigorous feedback process with young people from which the “Not in Our Community” brand and campaign was created.

Not in Our Community was launched on the back of an awareness campaign by Crimestoppers and has subsequently gone on to be adopted by local authorities and secondary schools throughout Hull, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire to educate young people on how they can protect themselves and each other from sexual exploitation.

The implementation of NIOC included proactive social media campaigns, media relations, events, distribution of collateral and promotional products. The campaign is co-production with young people including survivors of sexual exploitation on an ongoing basis.

Pride and results:

Not in our community helps save lives of young people…

The campaign reaches over 40,000 young people in the Humber sub-region each month and has an online engagement rate of 8,000 to 10,000 young people per month. We achieved 80% recognition amongst our target audience with 62% of them stating that the campaign has helped them protect friends.

In 2015 Not in our community won best use of social media at the Association of healthcare communications and marketing awards. We also won an Award of Excellence in best partnership working and the Jonathan Street Award for Excellence.

So far the campaign has been twice extended beyond the initial commission with funding from a partnership of three local authorities and is still going from strength to strength today.


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