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This morning you might hear from us on BBC Radio Humberside talking about the release of a film series we’re releasing for Not in our community; a campaign we created and have been running for the past 3 years.

We talk about this campaign a lot as it’s a great example of what we do as a team, we’re proud of it, it has won loads of awards, is unique to anything going on in the UK right now, and we know it actually saves lives!

The campaign is aimed at and co-produced by 11-18 year olds across Kingston-Upon-Hull, East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire to help protect young people against CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation).

Running across social media that young people in the area say they prefer to use; we have to keep on top of the latest trends, platforms, media formats and content to make sure we are staying relevant and relatable, without going too much into “parent trying to be cool” territory. We avoid this through constantly asking for feedback and discussion and investing money into the resources we need, something that can make or break a campaign aimed at that young age bracket. We do post key materials on twitter too, but these primarily there as a resource for schools and other projects.

Our most recent project is the Deception serial. Based on feedback from last year’s Youth Summit, a gathering of student representatives from schools around our target areas to learn first-hand the signs of CSE. The character stories intertwine to create a multi-part video series that can be binged on YouTube or watched weekly on Facebook. Deception, tells real life-based stories from the perspective of different characters experiencing three distinct storylines. It is intended to be an important element of our ongoing campaign run on behalf of the four local authorities in the Humber, Humberside Police Force, NHS and partners to help young people to protect their friends against grooming and sexual exploitation.

Tune in from 10:30am on BBC Radio Humberside to listen to John (Campaign Director), Jenni (Social Media Manager) and Mel (Star of the Deception serial) talk all about it. 


For more information on the Not in our community campaign, you can visit the website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

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