“There were lots of times when I thought about giving up completely…”

Pippa is our Greatness Manager! She’s the woman behind Stuff of Greatness, a division of eskimosoup. An expert account manager, John knew how great she was and scouted her to be on our team. The most organised and grounded one of us, she balances our team perfectly and fit right in from day one!







How are you planning to celebrate international women’s day?

International Women’s Day falls on a weekday, so I will be celebrating the day by coming into work, meeting valued clients, carrying out tasks to help the company I work in and forging what I hope will be a successful career.

Based on your own experience, what advice would you give a girl at GCSE or A-Levels choosing their future path?

It’s fine if you don’t know what you want to do yet. There are so many options out there for young people these days and that’s a good thing!

What’s your proudest achievement?

The achievement I am most proud of is finishing my degree. It wasn’t always fun, it definitely wasn’t easy and there were lots of times when I thought about switching my course or giving up completely. I persevered and I’m more proud of that than my certificate!

Who’s your #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday – but really #WCIWD)

Michelle Obama; she’s always used her platform to support good causes


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