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eskimosoup hosts a lot of people on work experience placements and ask them to write us an article reflecting on their experience. This article from Sarah Vause is one of the best!

I first heard the name eskimosoup during the third year of my undergraduate course at the University of Hull. The company’s director John Gilbert was giving a talk on the significance of networking at a careers day. I was inspired by his story and his enthusiasm. However, like most University students, I had no idea what I was going to do with a degree in creative writing and film studies.

From a young age I was exposed to high poverty countries which developed my huge passion to volunteer. During my time at university and the year after, I took on multiple volunteer opportunities: I became a teacher in both Ghana and Morocco and involved myself in several different projects such as working in a shelter for abused children, orphanages and hospitals across several countries. I even helped out when I could in Hull with charities for the homeless, Cystic Fibroses and HEY Children’s University. Volunteering not only helps so many other people but can be incredibly self-rewarding.

In the meantime I developed a keen interest in marketing, and as I started my Masters in Digital Media I needed a work placement. Remembering eskimosoup, I decided to research more into the company; something I wish I had done much sooner. I was surprised by their ethos and the prospect of achieving social good rather than being purely commercially orientated.  Similar to my volunteer work I felt that this was again another fantastic opportunity for me to do something to impact other people’s lives in a positive way.

During my placement I was involved in a variety of tasks including writing articles for the media brand Got Your Back covering different topics for 13-19 year olds. Additionally, I was involved with giving feedback and editing scripts for the Not in Our Community campaign. I thoroughly enjoyed these activities as it brought myself back to my undergraduate degree, something I honestly didn’t think would be useful in a job and in helping the community.

There are plenty of marketing agencies out there but what makes eskimosoup so special is the ethos behind the company. This isn’t just another company that creates campaigns to just pay the bills, they truly believe in achieving social good through marketing, this is shown through the quality and meaningfulness of their work.

It has been a privilege to work for eskimosoup, it has opened my eyes to ways I can combine both my creative skills and passion for helping people. If you are interested in marketing or creative content and want your work to really mean something, then I highly recommend trying some work experience at eskimosoup.




Ed: thanks Sarah! Lovely to read this and thanks for all your great work!

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