Podcast shows that business life begins at 40

eskimosoup has released a podcast series of discussions with a serial entrepreneur that aims to help listeners reflect on the second half of their career.

In the weeks running up to his 40th birthday, eskimosoup’s Managing Director John Gilbert has created a podcast series through which he turns to entrepreneur Dr Paul Sewell OBE to help him look ahead to the next stage of his career in business.

“The Second Half” is a 4-part series available for free on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Although the series contains personal reflections on both John and Paul’s careers to date, it has been edited to provide advice and ideas for anyone planning ahead through topics such as self-awareness, people, values and creating the conditions for entrepreneurialism.

The idea for the series came when John approached Paul to ask for support with producing business podcasts featuring entrepreneurs from the north of England. From there, the business owners planned and recorded discussions on a series of topics that aimed to motivate anyone considering how to take their career to the next level.

John said: “I asked Paul to take part not only because of his accomplishments, but because I knew he’d challenge me.

“I shared the first version with a few contacts for a sneak preview and along with telling me to take out a load of waffle – my stuff, not Paul’s – they also said that there are several moments of ‘wow, I thought I was on the only one who thought like that’! So, I’m really pleased that people are finding it so relatable.

“I believe that long-form audio discussions are a great way of capturing raw and honest advice that you can apply to your individual situation.”

John says it was a real coup for his idea when Paul Sewell agreed to take part. Over the past 30 years Paul has taken Sewell Group from an East Hull builder of repute to the nationally recognised, award winning, multi-disciplined Group of companies it is today. In 2011, he was honoured with an OBE by the Queen for his contribution to business and the community of Hull.

Paul said: “Talking to John about what may be in the second half of his career made me realise that my two halves were distinctly different, with the latter containing the majority of the fun and creativity.

“We all have just one unique, precious career, so it is really worth taking some time to think and talk about it – as we do here.

“I had a ‘blast’ and I hope John did too!”

The release of the Second Half follows the launch of Paul’s autobiography ‘Half a Lettuce’ last month. Copies are available for order at www.sewell-group.co.uk/paul-sewell-half-a-lettuce/ with voluntary donations going to the Hull Animal Welfare Trust.

All four episodes of the Second Half are available on all leading podcast apps including Apple Podcasts Spotify and can be streamed online at www.secondhalf.transistor.fm/

The Second Half is one of several audio series made by eskimosoup’s Socially Good Media division as part of our commitment to utilising a range of media to achieve social good and support for those engaging with it.

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