Child Criminal Exploitation Films

Eski was entrusted to research and create a series of short films co-produced with young people involved in serious organised who have suffered child criminal exploitation, including County Lines.

Titles produced as part of the Not In Our Community campaign with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside include: Missed Me?, Ryan’s Story, Control and Alfie’s Story parts 1 to 4.


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What did
it achieve?

Evidence that our films have help prevent child exploitation.

Creation of the UK’s most comprehensive media collection of child criminal exploitation.

Widespread media coverage, over 4 million views, increased trust amongst young people, national recognition from Ofsted, the National Crime Agency and UK government along with international awards.

“I’ve seen Alfie’s Story. I think this is what my mates are trying to get me to do.”
Young person.

“There isn’t a similar kind of input in anywhere else in the country. We are using young people in the right way, to get their ideas around how to influence their peers to make them more resistant to being brought into that kind of lifestyle.”
Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside

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