Domestic Abuse Campaign

In 2019, we began developing a campaign working with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse and promote services.

Since then, we have continued to develop the campaign over the years and continue to promote materials during key times of the year when DA rates increase, including Valentine’s Day, Summer and Winter/Christmas.

The aim of the campaign was initially to encourage victims of Domestic Abuse to seek support from local services during the covid-19 lockdown, for which we created a short film using a victim’s real story, along with a rage of graphics and gifs on where victims can go for support.

Since then, the campaign has naturally developed and subsequently extended to include targeted messages towards perpetrators and bystanders to raise awareness of the support available for them to tackle their own behaviour or call out other people’s behaviour.
The campaign has been promoted through both digital and traditional forms of media, including radio advertising, large format on-street advertising and bus ads.

Digitally, the campaign runs across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify allowing us to target communities in ‘at risk’ areas, and utilised static graphics as well as animated gifs.


Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside


Campaign, Design, Video Production

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