Healthy Lifestyles for Families

Eski was commissioned by Hull City Council’s Healthy Lifestyles Team to increase access to the online provision of Healthy Lifestyle Team services (Us Mums, Early Years Physical Activity, Henry, and Healthy Cooking on a budget) by people in Hull who will benefit from it.

During the 2021 COVID restrictions we developed the Us Mums Need… campaign to promote the benefits of the Us Mums service. The campaign was created following research conducted remotely during the lockdown, speaking extensively with pregnant women and new mothers to find out about the challenges of pregnancy and becoming a mother during the pandemic. 

We filmed emotional and uplifting interviews via Zoom with three new mothers who had taken part in Us Mums sessions which had helped them to improve their physical and mental health and to socialise with others who had been going through similar life changing experiences. The result was an inspirational campaign comprised of a poignant film, supporting social media graphics and a digital pack of materials sent out to partners.


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Healthy Recipes

In addition to the Us Mums Need… campaign, Eski also supported the Healthy Lifestyles Team with the design and production of a book of healthy recipes for the community, along with a series of films featuring local families with young children demonstrating how to create healthy recipes with the whole family involved.

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