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Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership commissioned Eski to produce explainer films and supporting materials to assist voluntary community sector organisations to help people within the community download and use the NHS App to help them in a range of ways.

To do this, we needed to assess all existing national materials, develop clear instructions in the form of voiceover scripts, and conduct focus group research to test these with volunteers in the community and check that all variations of the app set up process were accounted for.

We filmed the two processes of how to set up the app and how to use it with an actress following the steps as well as using screen recordings to show close-up demonstrations. These were then combined to produce high quality explainer films to promote the benefits of the app and support those who wish to start using it.

The two films were also made into supporting print materials with step-by-step guides designed to be easy to read and understand.

Having completed these, our client asked whether we could help them reach communities with English as a second language through these materials. We had the content of both the films and the printed materials translated into three languages, adding subtitles to the films and producing printed versions of the guides in Polish, Romanian and Swahili.


Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership


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What did
it achieve?

The films and printed guides have now been circulated across the region and are in use not only by the VCSE sector but also within the NHS across the Humber and North Yorkshire region.

“The process of getting the materials together was very good, and ultimately we got the outcome we wanted.

The materials have gone down well, the leaflets have been circulated far and wide as have the videos. They have also started to be used by colleagues in the NHS not just the VCSE sector as well, so that is good to see.”

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