Qwell is an online Mental Health Support resource for adults which has been newly introduced with a key focus on Men’s Mental Health in the Humber, Coast and Vale area. We worked with men across HCV to create an impactful video and supporting materials to outline the prevelenace of mental health struggles in men, and to get the message out there that help is availble and Qwell could be that first step to getting the help needed. 


Humber, Coast and Vale Health Care Partnership


Video, Marketing

What did
it achieve?

We are going to be pushing the resource throughout the rest of 2021 but the initial launch video has been seen by over 80,000 men in HCV and campaign adverts reached over 535,000 men. 

“Fantastic work. Thank you to the Eskimosoup team for bringing this to life!”
Wellbeing Coordinator at Smile Foundation

“Thank you so much for all your hard work?”
Communications Manager at HEY Mind

“I presented on a webinar last week with approx. 200 people and the video moved many people. Sir Norman Lamb was also presenting, and he was very impressed with the video and felt that the work and co-production was an exemplar of how this work should be done!!!!!”
Suicide Prevention Lead

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