Active Bystander Campaign

For decades one of the main focuses of tackling sexual harassment and violence has been to place onus on those being harassed to change their behaviour in order to keep themselves safe. Whilst this can help people to have a sense of control over their safety, these suggestions are ultimately perpetuating victim blaming narratives and do not address the root cause of the problem; the offenders behaviour.

With funding from the Violence Against Women and Girls commission, we worked with the University of Hull to switch the focus by calling on all perpetrators of misogynistic and harassing behaviour to Step Up. It is by doing this that we aim to make significant and much needed change in this area.

Additionally, the campaign shows how we can all help to change problematic, dangerous and anti-social behaviour by being active and informed bystanders. Safely intervening when someone is being harassed and/or calling out misogynistic and inappropriate behaviour can go a long way to changing the thoughts, attitudes and actions of others.


University of Hull and OPCC Humberside


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