Swap and Stop Campaign

The Eski team have provided a huge range of services to support the creation of the Swap and Stop brand and materials.

From developing the initial Swap and Stop logo and brand guidelines, we have gone on to design and produce campaign materials, merchandise, event stands, branded uniform, signage and stationery.

The Eski team have supported the Swap and Stop campaigns by providing social media management, planning targeted social media campaigns and producing mixed content such as graphics and audio ads. We have also designed and developed the ‘Swaptember’ campaign microsite which had the added complexity of being built within an existing, externally hosted website.

To further support the campaign materials, our team have provided filmmaking services to produce a moving case study film to inspire others to reach out for support, and animations for various audience groups to explain how the service works in an easy-to-understand format.


Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership


Branding, Design, Filmmaking, Print, Animation, Social Media Management, Research, Signage, Website Development

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