The Power of Know

The Power of Know is a campaign that has been led young people in North East Lincolnshire to raise awareness that child exploitation happens in their area. It highlights to members of the community that we all have a role to play in spotting the signs and how you can raise your concerns if you see something that doesn’t look or feel right.

A series of posters and pull up banners have been produced featuring local photography to show a range of scenarios where young people are at risk, such as a friend introducing them to an adult, traveling without adult supervision during unusual hours, being out in the community in isolated spaces, and being messaged by adults through social media.

A webpage was also created to provide further information and which was linked into the established Not In Our Community initiative.


North East Lincolnshire


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What did
it achieve?

The campaign isn’t quite finished as we now move on to Phase 2 however, it has already bagged an award at The Leading Lights Award Ceremony for ‘Project of the Year’!

“This is absolutely amazing! Another great piece of work from all involved.”

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