Relaunching the Low Ale Trail

In 2019, Eski developed the Low Ale Trail; a map of bars in Hull’s Old Town who all offer a good range of alcohol-free and low-alcohol drink options. In 2021 after the pandemic, this was expanded to 3 maps of 3 different areas around Hull. In the winter of 2023 we relaunched this initiative to further encourage alcohol reduction in the city.

2021’s campaign yielded successful results, with many participants seeing an increase in sales of low-alcohol and alcohol free drinks. This credits the Low Ale Trail’s effectiveness in raising awareness of alternative options. This time we aimed to reignite the excitement around the Low Ale Trail, as well as increasing our options with 7 new bars.

We worked closely along-side the participating venues to ensure our maps were varied and inclusive for all. The three areas covered are the Avenues and University, Hull’s Old Town, and the Theatre Quarter and Ferensway Area – leaving a lot of options for the public to enjoy the Low Ale Trail. 

The focus of these trails is not to necessarily discourage people from drinking entirely, but to spread awareness of the wide range of non-alcoholic options that could easily be incorporated into a night out. This could be the difference between getting ‘a bit tipsy’, and too drunk. The initiative also encourages those who don’t want to drink alcohol to still go out and enjoy visiting pubs and bars with loved ones whilst not feeling excluded. The venues on all of our maps offer at least 3 non or low alcoholic beverages – not including soft drinks. This means people can have full confidence that there will always be an alternative option at every bar that’s not just a coke. From low-alcohol beers, no-alcohol spirits, and a wide range of tasty mocktails there is something for everyone. 

One of Eski’s roles in the development of the Low Ale Trail was recruiting bars to participate in the trails. This called for a lot of communication with managers and other staff in venues across Hull. Our most recent report highlights that across the years we have seen a consistent increase in participants, from 16 to 35 which is a 119% increase. Consequently leading to more awareness and engagement with the initiative. This increase in engagement can also be seen through social platforms. All of the participating bars were provided with social assets to share across their own social platforms to raise awareness of the Low Ale Trail. Many of the bars chose to use these resources resulting in more social media engagement across the Low Ale Trail platforms, along with more awareness of the initiative amongst regular customers of the participating venues. 

Following this year’s campaign, Eski spoke to everyone involved in order to measure the impact the Low Ale Trail is continuing to have. Many bars came back with positive feedback with “a noticeable increase in requests for non-alcoholic drinks”, “greater quantities for no and low alcohol drinks sold over the period” and “regulars ordering more non alcoholic drinks”. It’s encouraging to see the positive influence on both businesses and patrons, fostering a culture where everyone can enjoy a night out without feeling limited by their drink choices. The continued success of the initiative relies on the ongoing support of our valued participants and the enthusiastic response from individuals who have embraced this alcohol-conscious movement in Hull. 

We thoroughly enjoy working on the Low Ale Trail with Hull City Council and hope to see it continue to make a positive impact on Hull’s health.

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