Sharing our client feedback

We are very grateful to our clients representing organisations from health, policing, local authority, charitable, and the voluntary community sector for completing our client survey in September 2021.

In the interests of transparency and because we are very pleased with what we heard, here is a summary of what eskimosoup’s clients said:

What is eskimosoup doing well?

You are a unique team because of the individual qualities and specialisms you each hold – individually you are each super talented; together you are unique.

Co-creative working & professionalism.

As a team focusing on creating social good, they really do get it.

A fantastic culture runs through your office and it really shines through.

They get the importance of creating high quality work that has a wider effect on our communities. .

Reliable, flexible and never let us down.

I can trust you to always produce quality work without the need to hold your hand throughout the process.

You always do thorough research into the background of any campaign, work positively with all partners involved and produce excellent materials and analysis.

Clear proposals, swift responses to queries, good ideas.

Reliable, enthusiastic, resourceful.

Organisation, vision, highly skilled, experienced and creative.

Friendly, supportive, approachable team who are also highly driven and motivated.

I look forward to our meetings; you listen to the ‘asks’ and demands of each piece of work and always communicate, update and reassure throughout development.

Quality products always delivered on time and 100% in partnership with the client.

The engagement with children to co produce work is special. Staff are professional but with a relational approach.

How can we improve?

I am being very picky to try to find something…proofread what comes from the designer.

Costs are quite high in comparison to other companies.

Look ahead to new and emerging themes for young people.

I think you could be better at telling us what you do. Give me a list!

As you have asked, here’s a list of eskimosoup services delivered in the past 12 months

Social marketing, film production, market research, podcasting, event management, media relations, social media management, animation, design, print, advertising management, audio production, youth engagement, documentary making, web development, e-learning development, interactive video, early intervention, case studying, digital marketing training, and brand creation.

How We Did This

Thanks to level of interest from clients we have gone ahead with producing a set of “how we did this” video case studies through which we reflect on 5 key learning points from the delivery of a range of projects.

Hopefully you’ll find them to be fun and informative. The first batch will be available from November.

The final word…

We should probably acknowledge that presenting feedback from our clients is inherently a biased sample with positive comments way outstripping any negative as they’ve chosen to stick by us over what has been a challenging time for everyone.

For so many ongoing working relationships it feels like a true partnership and for this we are honoured to be trusted by such good people to take on so many important health and social challenges.

Whether within or outside of the day job, you know where we are if ever you need us. Thank you. ?

The eskimosoup team.

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