Major campaign to increase earlier detection of Cancers

Quite often when something does not feel right in our bodies, we put it down to too much screen time, lack of sleep, not enough exercise, or just ‘one of those days’.

Sometimes this is a defence mechanism; the act of visiting your GP risks bad news, such as hearing a devastating word like Cancer.

How do we normalise getting a health check when you experience symptoms? How do we foster a sense that whilst you are more likely to be told there is nothing huge to worry about, that if you are sent for tests, the earlier you find out what you are facing the better?

Launching this week, the Peace of Mind Check campaign developed with South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Cancer Alliance aims to increase awareness of Cancer testing, and the importance of taking your symptoms seriously. The campaign endeavours to normalise seeing your GP when you have a symptom, making Peace of Mind Checks something we all do.

Cancer affects the lives of many people, and it can be very scary – but there are things we can do to improve life chances and reduce impact on our quality of lives. We hope to see an increase in attendance of specific types of Cancer screenings, particularly in people aged over 50. These include Bladder, Pancreatic, Ovarian, Womb and Oesophageal.

The campaign involves a range of materials developed by Eski alongside South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Cancer Alliance. Among them are graphics, sign and symptom videos, animations, and radio advertisements. These incorporate photographs taken of real people across South Yorkshire.

The materials portray a positive message of showing up for your health, and the health of others. This means attending Peace of Mind Checks, encouraging loved ones to do so, and supporting people who may have trouble doing it alone.

If something feels off – your GP wants to see you for a Peace of Mind Check. Chances are it’ll be alright. If a check shows you need treatment, the sooner the better.

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