Talking about the tricky stuff…

We all know there are terrible things that happen every day, some of them make the news, some of them are far more personal, but all of them change lives. Part of what we do here at eskimosoup is figuring out how to talk about issues in ways that effectively get the public to listen, understand and care.

And we believe storytelling is key!

Our team spend a lot of time listening to people’s stories, from inspiring moments to incredibly tough experiences. We try to understand and capture the impact of people’s experiences to then share that story in a way that can help a wider group learn and grow through others.

Over the last few years, we have found storytelling incredibly effective at raising awareness and changing perspectives. A real account of an issue gives it a face and a name, which adds to the campaign weight and relatability on a human level.

Tuning into a news report giving you numbers and statistics may shock you but mainly on a surface level, you’ll likely feel disassociated from it. It’s perfectly natural for something so far removed, even if it does affect you to some degree, to remain a statistic far removed from your daily life.

When you read, listen to or watch someone telling their story, you may relate to them through your own experiences,  at the very least it makes something relatable rather than just another statistic. It becomes an issue you can engage with. It makes you feel empathetic, protective or concerned, and you may even want to be an active part of a conversation.

Obviously behind the collation of these stories is a team that sources them, shares them, curates them and makes sure you see them.

At the minute, we are working with the Movember Foundation UK to raise the profile of the charity and its message within Hull and surrounding areas. This year, we’re looking for individuals who want to tell their stories anonymously or not in order to help prevent other men and families from going through what they have.

We currently are looking for people who have been affected by male suicide (or attempts of), prostate cancer and testicular cancer to have an initial conversation with our team and help tackle these hard subjects. Email or call 01482 601886 to find out more.



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