The Powwow Factor

The Powwow Factor

We reflect on how the Good Communications Powwow held on the final day of Humber Business Week challenged everyone and might yet leave a legacy.

For those needing a refresher; the Good Communications Movement is comprised of eskimosoup and friends determined to increase activity surrounding marketing and communications for social good. As a movement, we meet up every month or so for a cuppa to share stories, experiences, learning and ideas, but also as an effort to help facilitate (collaborative or not) movements to benefit a cause, community or individual.

The Good Communications Movement wanted to do something a bit bigger in hopes to benefit a much wider community of people. What could be better than inviting the region’s brightest minds from business, marketing, charities, public sector, education, creative industries (etc. etc. etc.) to take on challenges set by local and national social good groups?

So we invited local challengers and Movember to Hull University’s Brynmor Jones Library, right up to the beautiful observation deck on the 7th floor to pan for golden nuggets of ideas to run with and develop into something really beneficial!

Once the guests were signed in, introduced to the local challenges and sent off to compose their ideas in two groups (‘Pow’ and ‘Wow’ for each challenge), there was a buzz in the air. Although the beer hadn’t yet been served, creative juices were flowing almost immediately. When the two groups were brought back together, the wider cast enjoyed standing and presenting their best ideas to solve problems and challenges. We could never guarantee this event would truly work – whether getting creative people into a room with no real warning on what to expect or prepare would be an effective way to get results!

Once our brains were warmed up, we grabbed a beer and were introduced the Movember team. As a global campaign, this presented a rare opportunity to sit and talk to the “public” about ideas on how best to utilise the local amenities, features, people and places. Often using American-style video campaigns with American or Australian accents, a British market of men (especially us Northerners) are less engaged with the issues Movember are trying to combat and resolve.

So, a group of Northern business, marketing, creative (etc. etc. etc.) brains came together once more for some moments of brilliance. The feedback from challengers and participants has been positive and whilst we can’t quite promise anything yet…. watch this space for what we hope will become a very special collaboration between a global charity and our own hometown!

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