Three Souper Years

Three Souper Years

So today is my third eskiversary. It seems like yesterday that I rocked up on my first day a mere 3 days after my university graduation ready to change the world.
I could take this opportunity to talk about the many cakes we’ve eaten or the fact that John bought us all noodles for lunch to celebrate. I could go on about how much I’ve learnt and the lives that campaigns I’ve worked on have impacted. I could go on about that the great and creative stuff I’ve been involved in since I pressed a buzzer on our High Street office at 8.30am 3 years ago.
But I won’t because there is more to learn.
Before I started here the company had just gone through a big change and separated into specialisms and different focuses with eskimosoup focusing on health and social work. I didn’t quite realise how much that would mean to me.
Getting all deep and meaningful for a minute, in the final year of my marketing degree (living with a pair of philosophy students) I had started to doubt how ethically and morally correct my chosen future profession was. So, I feel I have landed on my feet working for a marketing company whose strapline is ‘Marketing that saves lives’.
But I’ve not saved enough lives yet.
So, what does the future hold? To be honest I don’t know but I need to keep making the world a better place, little by little. If the work I do saves 1 life I will be happy and we already know that our campaigns have made huge differences to the lives of local people.
But I can’t leave it there because we live in a world where I need to spend my day writing quizzes to help young people identify the signs grooming, domestic violence and sexual exploitation (which, if convicted, the sentences for which can be less than my time here).
I am not done changing this world yet, eskimosoup is not done. There is work to do, so thanks for the noodles, the cake and being a true pleasure to work with but let’s take this up a notch!

Also, here’s a knowledge bomb!
The power of three – No this is not an advert for 3. It’s because I just wrote a piece using the list of 3 rule (I also had to cut that paragraph, it went on a tangent, a persuasive one but still not relevant). A rule my English teacher (good ol’ Mr Anderson!), swore by in writing something meant to persuade.
The rule is as follows – if you are writing a speech (see politicians everywhere) or a debate piece, use lists of three then backing up or making your point.
In the same vein, if you just stick to one point, it’s just a statement – “John is a brilliant boss”.
Two is better – “John is a brilliant boss and he goes the extra mile to support his team”, but it’s still not that persuasive.
But three… “John is a brilliant boss, he is fair and honest, he goes the extra mile to support his team.”
Then if I go for four, I’m a sycophant – “John is a brilliant boss, he is fair and honest, he goes the extra mile to support his team, he is just the best boss you could hope for…” *makes gagging noise*.

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