My varied week with eski

Hello, my name is Ryan!

As part of the Employer LED programme I am currently taking part in at my sixth form college I’ve spent a week with social marketing agency eski to gain more knowledge about what is involved in marketing and social media.

I’ve had a very varied week which has covered: compiling survey results, researching technology in qualitative research methods, undertaken social media training, created promotional ideas and a promotional plan, assisted with event promotions for an important summit, facilities and locations of other marketing agencies, provided advice and ideas into how sex and relationships have been influenced by social media and including applying my learning from A-level psychology into the concept of social exchange in relationships; how much profit compared to cost in a relationship and how that affects the likelihood of people staying in that relationship.

Plus, as you can see… I was asked to create a blog reflecting on my experience.

I would like to thank John (Gilbert) and his team for the great experience I have gained this week about the marketing industry and what eski have been up to over the past seven months. I appreciate all the time they have given up out of their week to help me and I couldn’t have asked for any more effort in giving me tasks and ensuring I have diverse work around marketing to do. They created a welcoming environment that I could settle into from the moment I walked in, as they did the last time I was here.

It’s been a pleasure to be around a team with such enthusiasm and positive attitudes towards in the work that they produce. The work I was given was beneficial to the work the team are currently doing so I felt fully involved.

I would recommend a placement at eski if you are interested in marketing, the environment is incredibly comfortable to work in and I would happily do work again for them in the future.

Most of all I would like to give a special thanks to John for providing me with a placement at eski; it has provided me with a stronger knowledge around the areas in marketing. He is very enthusiastic about his role in the business and what is best for the business, which in turn makes the experience much more rewarding for me as a student.

Thank you for the great time!

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