Week of the Woman

In the education and working world today, there are a growing number of opportunities for anyone to walk the paths they aspire to. More generally gender-specific industries are diversifying their workforce because of more interests from unconventional candidates due to non-bias school and college programmes, manufactured opportunities aimed at those candidates and the celebration of people who choose to go against the grain to achieve their goals.

In places like C4DI where eskimosoup is based, a collection of tech-based businesses and freelancers working in one collaborative and community-focused space, we see an increasing balance of male and female members who regularly use the space, an achievement in a tech industry where, according to a study highlighted by Business Insider, women only represent 29% of the sector. There is still work to do however.

You may or may not have noticed, but eskimosoup is full of women. It hasn’t always been this way, and as eskimosoup develops and changes, as every company should, it may not always be this way in the future. But since it is, and since it’s international woman’s day this week, we wanted to celebrate every single one of our inspirational female team members.

Every day this week we’ll be featuring one of our team members. They’ve answered some questions to inspire, motivate and entertain.

Bask in their amazingness 🙌

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