What is this Movember stuff all about?

Back in June, as part of Humber Business week, we ran our Good Communications Powwow. The aim was to bring together local creatives with an international NGO seeking new ideas, alongside local projects, and the event was a success.

Since then we’ve continued to discuss the ideas raised with the team at Movember and were asked to work on making some of them a reality.

Is Men’s health really in crisis?

Yes, life expectancy is lower for Men than women across the UK, and even lower in Hull 12.1 years lower to be precise. 1 in 5 men never make it to retirement age!

78% of UK suicides were men (2013) and nearly half of men aged between 18-45 have considered Suicide as an option. The percentage of deaths caused by suicide in the Yorkshire and the Humber is higher than many other regions!

1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer and testicular cancer rates are on the rise.

So, whether you are thinking about your parents, grandparents, partners, brothers, children, uncles, colleagues or friends there is a way to change this, and it’s not that hard to get involved!


What do Movember do?


are doing something about this crisis. They are working hard to raise awareness of the different health issues facing men as well as funding projects that look to intervene and prevent men dying too young.

Ground-breaking research, funded by Movember, has led to the discovery of genetic factors that led to an increased risk of testicular cancer as well as research into a blood test that can predict with prostate cancer patient may respond to different treatment options.

This year’s new campaign focuses on the prevention of suicide and encouraging people to talk to men about their mental health.


How can I get involved?

Grow your tache!
Start a challenge,
Take part in Hull’s Mo’vie Icons with Quentin Budworth,
Donate to the Hull team,
Get your company involved,
Host a pub quiz,
Host a club night,
Get involved in the ‘Mini Mo Day’ (more info coming soon!).



This is the first time Movember have tried a concentrated regional effort in the UK. So, this Movember it’s your chance, it’s Hull’s chance, to be the difference in a man’s life! Get in touch with Amy or Megan to find out more on 01482 601886 or email hello@eskimosoup.co.uk. 

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