Yorkshire-made film with a global influence

“Are misconceptions about vaping harming our greatest opportunity to help reduce the leading cause of early death?”

In late 2020, Yorkshire Cancer Research posed us with a challenge. We are pleased to say that they were bold and committed to making a film happen using our suggested method.

It has been a month since Vaping Demystified was released. The film and its supporting case studies have been viewed over 50,000 times within Yorkshire, and have influenced people across the world with viewers in the United States, Europe and Asia using it to lobby their government to argue a harm reduction strategy for public health.

Creating a documentary film on a controversial topic during a pandemic brings with it obstacles to navigate. Indeed, even now, our paid advertising is hampered by Facebook and Google classifying the film as promoting tobacco (clearly the bots did not watch the film properly!). However, we know that by presenting an evidence-based approach, it is having an impact on viewers with some coming forward to say that they are switching to vaping as a steppingstone to becoming completely nicotine-free; as has been a proven quit method for many former smokers.

We are delighted that mainstream media in many regions supported the launch of the film on National No Smoking Day which really gave it a boost to our target audience and created the intended debate as well as further positioning Yorkshire Cancer Research as experts in the field of Cancer prevention. Others maybe used the angle for their own agenda, though you cannot control everything and everyone!

There is a wealth of information on the topic at https://yorkshirecancerresearch.org.uk/vaping-demystified

The film can be watched below. Produced by Pippa Clarkson and John Gilbert of eskimosoup, with huge kudos to the talents and dedication of Yorkshire Cancer Research along with Storyboard Media and Harriet Jones for creating a film we are all proud of.

Here’s hoping that the film continues to have an affect of helping the charity achieve its goals by improving and saving lives.


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